8 Ways Coronavirus Will Drastically Alter Boomer Retirements

In the blink of an eye, the planet called earth forever changed because of something we’d never heard of, and a new word has been permanently added to the world lexicon—Coronavirus. Even with all the changes we know about now, caused by COVID-19, the list of changes is getting longer by the day. These are not just health changes, but social, economic, and even psychological alterations to the way we’ve lived and planned.

One group that will surely have to reinvent its plans is the Baby Boomer generation—72 million Americans either in retirement or on the cusp of retiring. Boomers are in a state of “what if”, not knowing the long-term implications of what that pesky little virus has done to their future.

There is no crystal ball showing all the changes, but here are 8 ways Boomers will be drastically affected.

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