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We dream all year about that perfect, stress-free, vacation.  Yet, sometimes the planning itself can be a source of stress.  Use the enclosed checklist to make the planning process a bit easier and help make that next vacation a relaxing one.

While we know the enclosed list is different for each situation, we hope this makes your planning process simpler.  Being cautious and taking care of items before you leave is just one way to help you enjoy yourself even more on that long-awaited and much-needed (and much deserved) vacation.

Vacation Mode Prep or Perfect, Stress Free Vacation


  • Passport (if traveling internationally)
  • Store important documents (ex: will, POAs, etc.) in a safe, accessible place and inform appropriate individuals.
  • Travel contact information (travel agency, airline, hotel, car rental, etc.)
  • Provide caretaking notes and veterinarian contact information to pet sitters
  • Provide a copy of your itinerary to your family/house sitter along with contact information for you while on your trip and alternative contacts if you aren’t available
  • Refill any necessary prescriptions so you don’t run out while on vacation


  • Give away or discard any food that won’t keep while you’re away
  • Adjust any air conditioning thermostats appropriately and unplug unnecessary household items to conserve energy
  • Place a hold on mail and newspaper delivery
  • Important contact information: Neighbors, Doctor, Lawyer, Emergency contact
  • Household codes: Wi-Fi, Home Security
  • Household maintenance: plumber, electrician, A/C service, pool service


  • Finish any critical pending assignments, or delegate to a colleague
  • Set your automatic out of office email response.  Be sure to include the date when you return and who to contact in your absence
  • Leave yourself detailed notes on in-progress work so you can pick up where you left off.


  • Create a trip budget and check expected costs (entrance fees, etc.)
  • Get cash/small bills for tipping
  • Get foreign currency if necessary
  • Store credit card information in case of stolen or lost wallet
  • Schedule prepayment authorizations or automatic payments for upcoming bills

Essentials to Pack

  • Electronic Chargers
  • Extra memory card
  • Copies or originals of travel documents (passport, visas, driver’s license, club memberships)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Headphones
  • Snacks
  • Weigh your packed bags to avoid overcharges
  • Universal electrical adaptors (if traveling internationally)
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