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What’s that I hear? It’s very faint, but it sounds familiar. I cup my hand around my ear to hear better and, yes, I’ve heard it before. In the distance, there are shouts of “Abolish the IRS. We want a Fair Tax.” The idea of a Fair Tax was first...
Inflation is painful. We’re reminded of it every time we go to the grocery store and the gas pump and when the utility bill comes. There’s a whole generation or two that’s never been through anything like this. And because it affects us on a personal level, it’s easy...
Alhambra CEO Joe Calhoun explains why investors should follow the advice of the ancient Greeks and their Delphic Maxims.
International events and a strong U.S. dollar and not decimating foreign markets as you would expect. And things look even better if viewed through the lens of local currencies. Alhambra CEO Joe Calhoun breaks down the Currency Illusion.
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